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Until now Mortgages were stuck in the 90's.
Instant Pre-approvals are like Amazon Prime, but for your mortgage.
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Start shopping for a home in minutes

Pre-approvals valid for 120 days that you can actually shop for homes with.

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REAL Pre-approval letters

In just a few taps, a real pre-approval letter will be in your email inbox. Next stop, is that open house you wanted to visit.

5 minutes instead of 7 days

We created a better way to get pre-approved. Our technology does in 5 minutes, what takes big banks 7 days.

FREE and no effect on your credit

The best things in life are free. Not to mention, as opposed to big banks, with Instant Pre-approvals there is no effect on your credit.

How it works

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Enter your information to see if you're eligible

First, we'll need just a few basic details to see if we can help. Instant Pre-approvals are exclusively available to salaried employees with healthy credit scores.

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to your financial institution

We take the work out of securing a pre-approval by doing it all for you. We'll quietly and securely validate how much mortgage you can afford.

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You get a pre-approval letter instantly

Once we've validated your financial details, you're pre-approved! An Instant Pre-approval letter will be sitting in your email inbox!

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Who is eligible?

Your Instant Pre-Approval

Congratulations! You've been pre-approved for a $388,900 mortgage!

01Salaried Employees

Instant Pre-approvals are tailored for salaried employees that have been with their current employers for 3+ months.

02Credit Score above 680

Chances are, this will be largest purchase you ever make. We need to ensure you have strong track record of being on top of your finances.

03Within the correct debt to income ratio

We calculate 2 main ratios to determine if borrowers can afford to buy a home: Gross Debt Service (GDS) and Total Debt Service (TDS).

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How Instant Pre-approvals compare

Competitors offer empty promises of instant rates, pre-qualifications and pre-approvals. Here's how Instant Pre-approvals are different.

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Big Banks
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Completed in 5 minutes
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Pre-approval letter in your inbox in minutes
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No impact on your credit score
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No documents required
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Mortgage amount locked for 120 days
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Pre-approvals all on your phone
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Get it done waiting in line for brunch
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How we keep your data safe

Never shared with 3rd parties

With the Instant Pre-Approval, the information we gather is never shared with 3rd parties. We simply use your information to determine what mortgage amount you can obtain !

One time use only

You only give Wiseday a temporary one-time access to your financial institution. Once completed, we cannot access your information again.

Your data is encrypted and secure

At Wiseday, we are committed to protecting our customers' personal data. You can rest assured by knowing your data is encrypted using the highest security standards.


Frequently asked questions

Can I make an offer using a Wiseday Instant Pre-Approval?
Absolutely. We stand by our Instant Pre-approvals as being an accurate reflection of how much home you can afford, and that lenders will happily provide you with a final approval once you get an accepted offer. Certain conditions apply: terms and conditions
How long is an Instant Pre-Approval valid for?
Your Instant Pre-Approval is valid for 120 days. However, If your employment status changes, or your debts increase in a material way, unfortunately, your IPA will be cancelled. Contact your mortgage broker immediately so that they can help you reassess the situation and confirm the amount for which you are eligible under these new circumstances. For full details see here: terms and conditions
How is my personal data kept safe?
At Wiseday, we are committed to your privacy and protecting your personal data. Wiseday encrypts all your data at the highest security standards. By using our Instant Pre-Approval solution, you only give Wiseday temporary one-time restricted access to select information from your financial institution. This information is never shared with 3rd parties. We simply use your information to determine what mortgage amount you can obtain.
What is Plaid?
With Plaid, you can securely connect your financial accounts to Wiseday in seconds. Plaid only shares your data with your consent. Plaid does not share your personal information without your permission, and Plaid does not sell or rent it to outside companies. For more information:
How does Wiseday verify my credit without affecting my score?
We use something called an Equifax soft credit check. We specifically verify your Fico score. Soft credit inquiries have no impact on your credit score. If a lender checks your credit report, soft credit inquiries won’t show up at all. Soft inquiries are only visible on consumer disclosures—credit reports that you request personally. For more information:
What is Gross Debt Service (GDS) and Total Debt Service (TDS)?
Mortgage professionals use 2 main ratios to decide if borrowers can afford to buy a home: Gross Debt Service (GDS) and Total Debt Service (TDS). This calculator will give you both. GDS is the percentage of your monthly household income that covers your housing costs. It must not exceed 39%. TDS is the percentage of your monthly household income that covers your housing costs and any other debts. It must not exceed 44%. For more information on these calculations, including guidance on which rental income to include in your household income, see Calculating GDS and TDS
Why does my Instant Pre-approval not include a rate?
Without knowing the specifics of which property you're purchasing, we cannot accurately calculate or hold your fixed interest rate. Interest rates differ based on a number of factors that are specific to the property you eventually purchase. Therefore guaranteeing a pre-approved rate would simply be misleading and Wiseday is not in the business of making promises we can't keep.
With which lender am I Instantly pre-approved?
Once you've been instantly pre-approved by Wiseday it means you've passed through strict internal credit criteria, identity, and income verification. we designed our credit decisioning algorithm to be an exact representation of what our lending partners look for when providing final approval for a mortgage. Therefore, once you've made an offer with Wiseday, we'll present you with multiple options to choose from, depending on the exact property you purchase.

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