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Our frequently asked questions

What is Wiseday?
Wiseday is a 100% online mortgage brokerage specializing in fast approvals and low interest rates. Our streamlined mortgage process means we have a high volume of clients – which gives us access to preferential rates. Our industry leading technology means we can process these applications and get approvals fast.
Our rates are so low! How is this possible?
Our streamlined mortgage application allows us to accurately and quickly process applications, resulting in a high volume of clients and preferential rates from lenders.
Why is Wiseday better for me than a traditional bank?
We work for you, and will always work towards what is best for you. No back and forth. We get you the best rate, first.
Is Wiseday free?
Yes, Wiseday is 100% free to our clients.
What makes Wiseday different from other brokers?
We are 100% online, no commissions mortgage brokerage. Our mortgage application is streamlined and simple. We can process these applications fast resulting in high volume to our lenders who give us preferential rates – savings we pass on to you!
How is Wiseday compensated?
We are compensated by lenders, at no additional cost to our clients.
Are online mortgages legal?
Yes. Online financial services are quickly becoming the norm today, and Wiseday is at the very forefront of online financial services.
Will Wiseday pay my penalties for switching lenders?
Yes. Applicants can receive up to 3000$ to pay penalties for changing lenders. Conditions apply.
My credit is not great, can Wiseday help me?
Yes, we have solutions for everyone.
Can Wiseday find financing for any type of property?
We specialize in mortgages for residential properties, but our brokers have the qualifications and expertise to find financing for any kind of property.
Who are your lenders?
We have relationships with all the major institutional lenders, as well as the best alternative and private lenders in Canada.
Can I speak to a real person?
Yes! You can contact us anytime at +1 (866) 311-0756 or book your free consultation today!
Will my Wiseday application affect my credit score?
No. Once your application is complete, your dedicated mortgage broker will call you to discuss the next steps. No credit check that can affect your credit score is done without your explicit consent.
Will Wiseday pay for notary fees?
Yes, Wiseday will cover notary fees up to 1,500$. Conditions apply.
How long can I reserve a rate for?
We will reserve your rate for 120 days upon completion of your application.
I am new to Canada, can Wiseday get me a mortgage?
Yes! Visit our website or book your consultation with one of our experienced brokers to find out how Wiseday can help you. You can also give us a call at +1 (866) 311-0756
How do I delete my Wiseday account
If you would like to delete your Wiseday account, please contact us and make your request at privacy@wiseday.com
What's the difference between a refinance, a renewal, and a new mortgage?
A new mortgage is the financing you require in order to acquire a new property. Refinancing is used to obtain additional funds on an existing mortgage. Renewal is the necessary process at the end of your term in order to continue paying your mortgage. For more detailed information, book a consultation with a Wiseday specialist today!
How much downpayment is needed to obtain a mortgage?
In many cases it is possible to put as little as 5% down. Contact a Wiseday specialist now and qualify for a mortgage with as little down as possible today.
Does Wiseday offer other services or products, like HELOCs?
Yes. Our wide network of lenders gives us access to a wide array of financial products, including second rank HELOCs.

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