Wiseday transitions from Mortgage Broker to Direct Lender

Wiseday Financial, proudly announces its strategic evolution from a mortgage broker to a direct lender, significantly reinforcing its commitment to serving the Quebec market.

This pivotal transition is a continuation of Wiseday Financial's mission. By becoming one of the fastest brokerages to transition to becoming a direct lender, Wiseday is adding a new dimension to its services for brokers.

Transitioning from broker to direct lender is not merely a change in designation; it embodies invaluable insights and deep market understanding accumulated through Wiseday's tenure as a broker. "Our pathway has been enriched with profound insights into the aspirations and requirements of homeowners, buyers, and brokers," stated Eric Dahan, Co-Founder & CEO of Wiseday Financial. "Leveraging this knowledge, we are ready to provide unmatched rates, streamlined processes, and exceptional service, now with enhanced control over the value chain.”

Key Highlights of Wiseday Financial’s Strategic Evolution:

Market Insights Utilization: The transition is informed by years of firsthand experience and understanding of consumer and mortgage broker needs, empowering Wiseday Financial to tailor its direct lending services precisely.

Unrivaled Rates: Committed to the financial empowerment of its clients, Wiseday Financial is set to offer some of the most competitive rates in Canada through its unrivaled Standard and Standard+ products, making the dream of homeownership more attainable and affordable.

Service and Process Excellence: Assuming direct control over the lending process, Wiseday Financial promises a faster, more responsive, and highly personalized service experience, setting new benchmarks for client and mortgage brokers' satisfaction.

"Brokers have been actively seeking a lender capable of enhancing their competitive edge through innovative products and attractive rates. We're delighted to fulfill this need," states Tony Morino, Co-Founder & Vice-President.

About Wiseday Financial:

At the forefront of mortgage innovation, Wiseday Financial is dedicated to simplifying and personalizing the homebuying journey. With its roots firmly planted in Quebec and an expansive vision, Wiseday Financial merges local expertise with an unwavering commitment to service excellence. As the company embarks on this new chapter as a direct lender, it continues to prioritize the needs and goals of its clients.

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